Can we get rid of the Managers?

Jacob Morgan (@jacobm) has investigated several companies which have found ways to become and act “managerless”. In his article he also briefly highlights how main tasks are handled within such a company (see picture).

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When you have someone calling you “boss,” a lot about your working life is different

This is mainly the following 3 things that change:

  1. You second guess a lot of the things in the one-on-one meetings
  2. You and your direct report are partly dependent on each other to progress
  3. Your job is no longer just about the work that YOU produce


6 Competitive Edges Entrepreneurs Gain when They Learn how to Code

Although handling a computer nowadays is becoming a prerequisite for doing business, knowing how to code is not yet perceived as a major advantage. Though, this would give you quite some distinct benefits like:

  1. Your are able to communicate more effectively with your developers
  2. You have more innovative ideas
  3. You are able to build your own prototypes
  4. You are better informed
  5. You are able to prioritize more efficiently
  6. You’ll be able to see the big picture.

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