As Leaders: How To Make The Most Of Our Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes as we are humans. But do you know how to make the most even out of mistakes? Then think about the following:

  1. Mistakes happen
  2. Mistakes account for character.
  3. Mistakes have lots to teach us.
  4. Mistakes can be fixed if broken.
  5. Mistakes can be laced with an apologize.
  6. Lead From Within

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8 Ways to Enjoy Your Work Most Days (a.k.a., „Success“)

Regardless of what you do as a profession – IF you enjoy what you are doing, the better this will be for your career. Here is a list of key-ingredients what might help you in enjoying work on a daily basis a little more:

  1. How to measure if your heart’s in your work
  2. Your mindset matters
  3. The mindset of others will impact you: manage accordingly
  4. Get clear about what energizes, rather than depletes you
  5. Set your rules of thumb
  6. Be open-minded on outcomes: it’ll be what you want, but probably not what you expected
  7. The power of patience: Take the long view
  8. Aim for your own „Quintuple Bottom Line“

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